What will Sewing 101 do for me?

  • Feel Confident

    By the end of the course you should have learned the basics of what supplies you need and how to use them so you can confidently get out that machine and create something amazing!

  • Actually Use Your Machine

    Step-by-step directions on how to use your machine so you can finally get it out of the box and start sewing!

  • Supportive Community

    Join our exclusive group to ask all your questions and get the answers you desire in a safe and positive space.

Course curriculum

If you're brand new to sewing and you need help figuring out how to operate your machine, what supplies you need, and where to start, this is the course for you!

  • 01
    Welcome to Sewing 101
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    • Welcome to Sewing 101
    • Welcome To The Course!
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  • 02
    Module 1: Sewing Machine Basics
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    • Module 1 Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Your Manual
    • Lesson 2: Feet and Accessories
    • Lesson 3: Parts of Your Machine
    • Lesson 4: Attaching The Feet
    • Module 1 Conclusion
  • 03
    Module 2: Sewing Machine Maintenance
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    • Module 2 Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Using Your Manual
    • Lesson 2: Cleaning Your Machine
    • Module 2 Conclusion
  • 04
    Module 3: Fabric and Supply Basics
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    • Module 3 Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Supplies To Get Started
    • Lesson 2: Types and Cuts of Fabric
    • Module 3 Conclusion
    • Sewing Supply Links
    • Sewing Supply Tips
    • Types of Fabric
    • Fabric Precuts Cheat Sheet
  • 05
    Module 4: Threading Basics
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    • Module 4 Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Winding Your Bobbin
    • Lesson 2: Threading Your Machine
    • Lesson 3: Inserting Your Bobbin
    • Module 4 Conclusion
  • 06
    Module 5: Basic Stitches
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    • Module 5 Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Referencing Your Manual
    • Lesson 2: Using Basic Stitches
    • Types of Stitches Reference Sheet
    • Module 5 Conclusion
  • 07
    BONUS: 5 FREE Sewing Projects
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    • No Slip Headband
    • Cheater Rag Quilt
    • Easy Burp Cloth
    • Square Pocket Pillow Cover
    • Quick Reversible Tote
  • 08
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    • Sewing Terms Printable
    • Yards to Inches Conversion Cheat Sheet
    • Sewing Supply Links


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What has Sewing 101 done for others?

“I had been putting off starting it (sewing) because I am overwhelmed. I started the course and I am like "oh my gosh this is so easy". It was all super helpful. The machine I have was a hand me down so I did not have the manual. I was able to find the manual online. I love that each lesson is super short because you can watch a video if you have ten minutes. So it does make you feel like you got something accomplished!”


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